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Shoes and Sandals Made in Germany

Eastland Shoe

Each pair of Eastlands is made with the same legacy of quality and comfort that the company has valued for over 60 years.

el naturlista
El Naturalista

Shoes, Sneakers and Sandals. Our factories are in two locations with a deep-rooted shoemaking tradition: La Rioja in Spain and Tangier in Morocco.


Our Made in USA Collection features boots, shoes and sneakers that embody American craftsmanship and style. $$$


Our shoes are made by certified local artisans from Menorca (Avarcas) and from La Rioja (Espadrilles). Both are known as traditional shoes from the Spanish culture: Made in Spain

los angeles apparel
Los Angeles Apparel

We are growing and strive to continue to grow. We intend to employ thousands of workers in the Los Angeles area and set an example of how the garment industry can return to the United States. We believe in local manufacturing from both an efficiency and an ethical point of view. #madeinusa #southcentral

lucchese bootmaker

Handmade by Lucchese artisans in both El Paso and Tuscany, the Collection revisits our Italian roots with a Texan twist.

mellow walk

Shoes and Socks: Every pair touches 40 sets of hands in our Toronto factory. Skilled shoemakers who know their craft.

pierrepont hicks
Pierrepoint Hicks

Shoes and Boots for men and women – made in the USA


We work at wooden benches with leather, needle, thread, and a few basic tools. We stitch, coax, and charm these humble materials into beautiful footwear. Made in Maine, USA

rancourt and company
Rancourt & Company

Shoes for men and women, Family-owned, designed & crafted, Est. 1967 ⋅ Maine, USA

rowing blazers
Rowing Blazers

Rugby shirts, bags, hats and more Almost all of our clothes are made in Europe and the United States — by people who are skilled in traditional construction techniques and whose commitment to quality, to their own people, to the planet, and to ethical, sustainable production matches our own.

SAS Shoes

The story of the San Antonio Shoemakers™(SAS) family begins with its founders, Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden. The two first met in Pittsfield, Maine, but their passion for making quality footwear led them to San Antonio, Texas. Shoes are made in their San Antonia, Texas factory.


Waterproof Comfort shoes and boots. Made in the USA from US and imported parts

Soft Star Shoes

flats, sandals, boots, moccasin, slippers for men women and children – Made in Oregon

som footwear
SOM Shoes

SOM Footwear is proud to manufacture all of our shoes in the USA. Manufacturing shoes in America can be a difficult journey at times, but the founders of SOM Footwear are committed to keeping our factory, employees, and business here in the USA.

Telic Footwear

Flops, Sandals, clogs and slides for men and women –

vegetarian shoes
Vegetarian Shoes

Shoes and boots, made to specification in European and English factories

wills vegan store
Will’s Vegan Store

Shoes, Boots, Sandals, T-shirts, and more Made in Italy and Portugal. Vegan Shoes and Clothing