While it may be more challenging to find sandals made in America compared to other types of shoes, there are still some options available. Okabashi, for example, is a brand that offers a range of comfortable and stylish women’s sandals made in Georgia using eco-friendly materials. Chaco, known for its durable and supportive outdoor sandals, also offers some styles made in the USA.

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bedrock sandals
Bedrock Sandals

Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials,
Cairn Line: USA Assembled from the finest domestic and foreign parts.
Classic Line: Made in Montana, USA


Shoes and Sandals Made in Germany


Sandals made in Michigan

cord shoes

Shoes, Boots and Sandals, made in the USA

Eastland Shoe

Each pair of Eastlands is made with the same legacy of quality and comfort that the company has valued for over 60 years.

el naturlista
El Naturalista

Shoes, Sneakers and Sandals. Our factories are in two locations with a deep-rooted shoemaking tradition: La Rioja in Spain and Tangier in Morocco.

eliza b
Eliza B.

Sandals, Belts, Watch Bands and more Made in Connecticut, USA

Grizzly Coolers

Grizzly Coolers, apparel and outdoor products are proudly made in Decorah, Iowa

island slipper
Island Slipper

Slippers/Sandals Made in Hawaii


Boots, sandals and slippers for men women and kids, Made in Canada, some may be imported.

kino sandals
Kino Sandals

Sandals for men women and kids Made in the USA for 50 years.

los angeles apparel
Los Angeles Apparel

We are growing and strive to continue to grow. We intend to employ thousands of workers in the Los Angeles area and set an example of how the garment industry can return to the United States. We believe in local manufacturing from both an efficiency and an ethical point of view. #madeinusa #southcentral


boutique made-in-L.A. brand.
MOTHER is a Los Angeles-based denim brand that proudly partners with local businesses and manufacturers in the production of all denim styles, reflecting its commitment to local craftsmanship and third-party audited ethical labor practices.


Sandals for men, women and children, Handcrafted in Buford, GA, we’re proud to be in the remaining 1% of US footwear manufacturers in the United States.


We work at wooden benches with leather, needle, thread, and a few basic tools. We stitch, coax, and charm these humble materials into beautiful footwear. Made in Maine, USA

red wing shoes
Red Wing

Red Wing Shoe Company is a business founded on purpose, and our unique heritage still shapes the way we do business today. Charles Beckman established Red Wing Shoes in 1905 to supply workers in industries likes mining, farming, and logging with durable, comfortable footwear. Some are made in the USA, check the products beforehand.