American brands that offer women’s shoes made in America and not made in china, prioritizing quality craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing practices. One such brand is New Balance, which has been making sneakers and athletic shoes in the USA for over 75 years. Another brand, Allen Edmonds, offers a range of high-quality women’s dress shoes and boots that are made in their Wisconsin factory. Rancourt & Co. is another American company that prides itself on handcrafting women’s shoes in Maine using traditional shoemaking techniques. These brands not only offer women’s shoes made in America, but also prioritize sustainability and ethical manufacturing, making them a great choice for consumers looking to support domestic production.

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all usa clothing
All USA Clothing

All USA Clothing recognizes that the hardest workers, the finest craftsmanship, and the most innovative production continues to define what it means to be “American Made.”

bedrock sandals
Bedrock Sandals

Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials,
Cairn Line: USA Assembled from the finest domestic and foreign parts.
Classic Line: Made in Montana, USA

Belted Cow
Belted Cow Company

Belts, dog collars and leashes, flip-flops and more, Made in the USA, they produce products right here in Maine with high quality materials sourced from around the world.

bemidji woolen mills
Bemidji Woolen Mills

A variety of products from american manufacturers, check to verify it’s made in America


Shoes and Sandals Made in Germany

canada west boots
Canada West Boots

Boots and shoes Proudly Made In Canada Since 1978

Carolina Footwear

Boots and shoes Union Made in USA from Global Parts


Sandals made in Michigan

cord shoes

Shoes, Boots and Sandals, made in the USA


Boots, Jackets and clothes Made in Canada since 1946

Eastland Shoe

Each pair of Eastlands is made with the same legacy of quality and comfort that the company has valued for over 60 years.

el naturlista
El Naturalista

Shoes, Sneakers and Sandals. Our factories are in two locations with a deep-rooted shoemaking tradition: La Rioja in Spain and Tangier in Morocco.

eliza b
Eliza B.

Sandals, Belts, Watch Bands and more Made in Connecticut, USA

ener-gel insoles
Ener-Gel Insoles

Shoe insoles to energize your feet


Mens shirts, pants, slippers, belts and more, made in the USA