There are many small independent designers and artisans who create handmade scarves using sustainable and ethically-sourced materials. Shopping locally at boutiques and artisan markets can often provide access to unique, high-quality scarves that are not mass-produced in China. We’ve found a few alternative options, it is possible to find women’s scarves that align with your values and are not made in China.

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Beau Ties
Beau Ties

Ties, ascots, pocket squares, scarves and more. Can’t say for sure if everything is made in the USA but a lot of their products are made in Vermont.

loko sport
LOKO Sport

Womens clothes Made in Canada

los angeles apparel
Los Angeles Apparel

We are growing and strive to continue to grow. We intend to employ thousands of workers in the Los Angeles area and set an example of how the garment industry can return to the United States. We believe in local manufacturing from both an efficiency and an ethical point of view. #madeinusa #southcentral


Manufacture clothing 100% in the United States and do our very best to use recycled and reclaimed materials to make it.

ramblers way
Ramblers Way

Clothes for men and women Wool, Responsibly Sourced & Crafted in Maine, USA

soul flower
Soul Flower

Lend a helping hand to our homeland with gifts and organic clothing made in the USA! Our organic cotton t-shirts, dresses and tanks are all manufactured, cut & sewn in California and designed and hand screen printed in Minnesota. Many of our jewelry, gift and accessories are also made in the USA. Look for the US flag heart marking our USA clothes and gifts

stormy kromer
Stormy Kromer

Clothes for the whole family, including pets Nearly all of our manufacturing is done in the USA. Those few items that aren’t created here are made by carefully chosen partners who share our high standards for quality and ethics.