Several American brands offer women’s handbags made in America, prioritizing quality materials and ethical manufacturing practices. One such brand is Coach, which offers a range of leather handbags made in New York. Another brand, Clare V., offers a range of stylish handbags made in Los Angeles using ethically sourced materials. For those looking for sustainable options, BAGGU offers a range of women’s handbags made with recycled materials in their California-based factory. By choosing to buy women’s handbags made in America, consumers can support domestic production and ethical manufacturing while also investing in high-quality, stylish, and sustainable handbags that are built to last.

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14th Rose
14th Rose

Purses and totes Made in the USA

accessories unlimited
Accessories Unlimited

AU is a Lewiston, Maine Bag Company that is famous for their exclusive RainCoat Cotton™ with prints designed by Maine textile designer Erin Flett, large and small tote bags, rugged wax cotton bags and duffles, and insanely durable nylon zip bags all made with timeless craftsman detail and style.

Artifact bags
Artifact Bags

Bags, backpacks and totes made in the USA

Bailey Works
Bailey Works

Every BaileyWorks bag is made by hand in America. Every stitch is sewn to our standards because quality is our number one priority. That’s why we use the most durable materials on the market and construct each bag one at a time.

Beckel Canvas Products
Beckel Canvas

Our products are strictly made one at a time in the USA by our small team of craftspersons. Made in Milwaukie, OR


Founded in Los Angeles by brothers Chris and Kirk Bray, Billykirk is a pioneer of the Made In America Movement.

Birdwell Beach Britches

Birdwell Beach Britches was born in Newport Beach, California. Building on the pillars of enduring quality and timeless style, we’ve been hand-making Board Shorts in the USA since 1961. Made in California, USA

blue claw company
Blue Claw Co.

Bags, Wallets and Handbags- Designed and manufactured by hand in the USA

brynn capella
Brynn Capella

Handbags, Brynn Capella is a true American luxury leather goods brand. Actually handcrafted (not just designed) in the USA now & always.

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buffalo billford company
Buffalo Billfold Co.

Belts, Wallets, Handbags and more, We source our Bison leather from USA ranches. We custom tan leather at tanneries in the USA. And we handcraft our leather goods at our workshop in Worthington, MN. From Prairie to Product, our leather goods are entirely Made in USA and built to last.

carol s miller handbags
Carol S. Miller

Carol S. Miller Handbags is a line of soft, plush, and functional leather and Southwest style wool handbags designed with real women and every day life in mind. Each bag is proudly made in the USA in small factories in New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York

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Chester Wallace
conda b
cinda b

Ladies totes, bags and handbags- made in the USA

Clare V.
Clare V.

Handbags from Los Angeles


Coach offers a range of leather handbags made in New York.

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Col Littleton
Colonel Littleton

Bags, Briefcases, Belts, Wallets. We take great pride in the fact that our products are handcrafted in small town America (Lynnville, TN – Pop. 327) using many of the same tools and methods used by our forefathers.

Danny K.
Danny K

Handbags, backpacks and totes for women – made in the USA

Duluth Pack
Duluth Pack

Our brand was born and raised in the northern forests of Minnesota. Duluth Pack is proudly the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the USA. Continuously since 1882, Duluth Pack has blazed the trail for manufacturing quality outdoor gear in America.

elizabeth scovil
Elizabeth Scovil

Beautifully handcrafted bags and accessories are all made in the United States and come with vital information on detecting, understanding and preventing heart disease.

Emil Erwin
Emil Erwin

Handmade leathers. emil erwin is focused on classic and functional designs. Each piece is designed and meticulously crafted in our nashville studio with the finest materials and an obsessive attention to detail – leaving you with a product you are thrilled with and we are proud to call emil erwin.