There are several options for house fans that are not made in China. One option is the Vornado fan, which is made in Andover, Kansas. Vornado fans are known for their unique design that provides multi-directional airflow, making them efficient at circulating air throughout a room. Another option is the Big Ass Fan, which is made in Lexington, Kentucky. These fans are ideal for large spaces and use energy-efficient technology to help reduce energy costs. Other brands that manufacture fans in the USA include Air King and TPI Corporation. Choosing a house fan made in the USA not only supports American manufacturing but also ensures a higher quality product with better durability and reliability.

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Air King
Air King

Fans made in the USA from domestic and imported parts

Big Ass Fans
Big Ass Fans

Evaporative coolers, sometimes called swamp coolers, use water evaporation to reduce temperatures without consuming large amounts of energy. Made in the USA

TPI Corp
TPI Corporation

Fans, Heaters and Controls made in the USA

Vornado Fans

Circulators/Fans, Purifiers, Fabric Steamers, Humidifiers – Assembled in the USA from US and Foreign parts. Check the made in the USA page.