Aprilaire manufactures humidifiers in Wisconsin, with models that can be installed directly to your heating and cooling system or as standalone units. Venta, based in Kansas (made in Germany), offers a unique humidifier and air purifier combination device that uses a patented technology to provide optimal indoor air quality. All of these companies prioritize quality and durability in their products, making them a great choice for those looking for humidifiers made in the USA.

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Air Oasis

Founded in 2004 in Amarillo, Texas, Air Oasis LLC has grown to become the leader in Air Quality innovation and American-made quality.


Humidifiers and Coolers – made in the USA. They have been bringing manufacturing back from overseas.


Humidifiers made in Germany

Vornado Fans

Circulators/Fans, Purifiers, Fabric Steamers, Humidifiers – Assembled in the USA from US and Foreign parts. Check the made in the USA page.