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barr specialty tools
Barr Tools

Framing & Bench Chisels, Chair Building Tools, Draw Knives, Slicks, ADZ & Scorps, Gouges, Mallets, Leather Guards & Sharpening Stones – Hand Forged Tools made in the USA

blue spruce toolworks
Blue Spruce Toolworks

Chisels, Mallets, Saws, marking, knives all made in the USA.


Draw and cabinet hinges made in the USA

gator finishing

Sanding and abrasive tools – made in the USA

Gorilla Glue

Glue and tape made in Ohio

Hyde Tools

HYDE® is still in Southbridge, still family-owned, with a division that continues to manufacture the high-quality knives and blades that HYDE® was known for in the 19th century.

kodiak cutting tools
Kodiak Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools, All products on the Kodiak website, are 100% made in the USA

lake erie toolworks
Lake Erie Toolworks

Wood and metal vise & clamping products to serve all of our customers’ work-holding and panel glue-up needs.
Also woodworking benches
Made in the USA

lie-nielsen toolworks
Lie-Nielsen Tools

We are proud to continue the tradition of “Made in America”. Our first priority is quality. Instead of out-sourcing all our jobs for the cheapest price and short-term profit, we are stubbornly local and believe the best quality is right here in New England. We source our metal castings from New England foundries, our wood from Maine sawyers, and use a combination of modern CNC technology, Bridgeport milling machines, and good old-fashioned hand work to make nearly 100 different types of tools in our mid-coast Maine shop.

UJ Ramelson

Carving and woodworking tools made in New Jersey

woodmaster tools
Woodmaster Tools

Every Woodmaster is built in the Heart of the Heartland. Craftsmen like you put old-fashioned care and attention into every machine, making sure it’s built as tough and rugged as America itself. Made in Kansas City