Tablet, PC and Phone Cases

Phones and tablet cases are important accessories that help protect our mobile devices and make them more functional. While many of these products are made in China or other countries, there are also options for those who prefer to buy American-made cases. Some popular brands that manufacture phone and tablet cases in the USA include OtterBox, ArmorSuit, and Edward Field. These companies use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to create cases that are both durable and stylish, with a range of designs to suit different tastes and needs. Buying American-made phone and tablet cases can also help support local businesses and promote more sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.

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Personal device protection USA Based & Products Proudly Designed in California, USA

Blackbox Case
Blackbox Case

We craft these IPad cases in Golden, Colorado.

buffalo billford company
Buffalo Billfold Co.

Belts, Wallets, Handbags and more, We source our Bison leather from USA ranches. We custom tan leather at tanneries in the USA. And we handcraft our leather goods at our workshop in Worthington, MN. From Prairie to Product, our leather goods are entirely Made in USA and built to last.

byrd & belle
Byrd & Belle

Made in the USA. Felt products, Laptop Cases, Coasters, Ironing Mats, etc

Col Littleton
Colonel Littleton

Bags, Briefcases, Belts, Wallets. We take great pride in the fact that our products are handcrafted in small town America (Lynnville, TN – Pop. 327) using many of the same tools and methods used by our forefathers.

Custom Hide
Custom Hide

Leather Briefcases, Laptop Cases, Duffels and Portfolios, made in the USA

Distil Union

Wallets, Keychains and phone cases made in the USA

Duluth Pack
Duluth Pack

Our brand was born and raised in the northern forests of Minnesota. Duluth Pack is proudly the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the USA. Continuously since 1882, Duluth Pack has blazed the trail for manufacturing quality outdoor gear in America.

Edward Field
Edward Field

Leather goods, bags, totes, wallets, straps, backpacks, outdoor gear, cushions, pillows, webbing products, straps, soft goods and more. Made in the USA

empire level
Empire Levels

Laser Levels & Squares. Empire Level employs over 200 people at its facilities in Mukwonago, Wisconsin where products are proudly MADE IN THE USA. Empire Level sells its products worldwide.

Frank Clegg
Frank Clegg Leatherworks

Handmade leather bags, wallets, ipad cases, handcrafted on the South Coast of Massachusetts.

gfeller casemakers
Gfeller Casemakers

Leather belts, cases, phone cases and more made in Marsing, ID

J Stark
J. Stark

Our hybrid retail and work space offers the opportunity to shop our range of products while the very machines and people that make them whir and hum away in the back. Charleston, South Carolina. USA

jimmy case

iPhone cases and wallets Made in the USA


Handbags, backpacks. wallets and more Made in San Francisco, USA

lazy-hands grips

Phone grips Made in the USA