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American LandMaster

ATV’s, Our company is domestically owned, and all the manufacturing is done 100% in Indiana.

canada west boots
Canada West Boots

Boots and shoes Proudly Made In Canada Since 1978


Boots, Jackets and clothes Made in Canada since 1946

Fox Creek Leather
Fox Creek Leather

American Made Leathers to Last a Lifetime – Jackets, luggage, bags, belts purses and more

Gusset Jeans

Jeans, shorts, belts and more Made in the USA

Hillside USA Leather
Hillside USA Leather

Motorcycle Leathers for men and women made in the USA

Hog Tailz

Motorcycle fenders, saddle bags. etc – made in the USA

jrc glove
JRC Glove

Gloves for motorcycle, work and more – made in the USA

langlitz leathers
Langlitz Leathers

Langlitz Leathers are 100% American Made.

Schott NYC

Schott NYC is still owned and run by the third and fourth generations of the Schott family who still manufacture most of their clothing in the United States

sullivan glove company
Sullivan Glove Company

Leather gloves made in the USA

The Stronghold

The Stronghold only presents brands that were founded more than fifty years ago, and only offers goods from those brands that are still manufactured in the original country of the brand’s founding.
This means that brands must have been founded in or before 1968; and goods from American brands must be made in the USA, British brands in Great Britain, Portuguese brands in Portugal, Japanese brands in Japan, French brands in France, and so on across the globe.

vanson leathers
Vanson Leathers

Vanson Leathers – Motorcycle Jackets made in the USA