Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are an essential part of any home or commercial space, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. While many lighting fixtures are manufactured overseas, there are also many American-made options available on the market. American-made lighting fixtures are often made from high-quality materials, such as brass or steel, and they are carefully crafted to ensure that they are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Some popular American-made lighting fixture brands include Hubbardton Forge and Hinkley Lighting, both of which are known for their high-quality and unique designs. By purchasing American-made lighting fixtures, consumers can support domestic manufacturing and be assured that they are getting high-quality products that are designed to last. In addition, many American-made lighting fixtures are designed with energy efficiency in mind, using LED technology and other eco-friendly features that can help to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.

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2nd avenue lighting
2nd Avenue Lighting

2nd Ave Lighting has manufactured a full range of custom lighting fixtures at our “green” factory located in the United States since 1979.

a19 ceramics
A19 Lighting

Light fixtures Handmade in California

alex marshall studios
Alex Marshall Sudios

Home decor, kitchenware, lamps and vases Made in California

arroyo crasftman
Arroyo Craftsmen

Lighting fixtures Made in the USA

barn light
Barn Light Electric

America’s Only Porcelain Lighting Manufacturer Handcrafted in the USA


Lights we built over 70 years ago are still burning in the French Quarter today! No other company can compare to the hand-crafted, high-quality fixtures we create every day in the heart of the French Quarter in Louisiana. – Made in the USA

Boyd Lighting

Made in the USA. Boyd Lighting is a fourth-generation design company dedicated to creating uncompromisingly beautiful, artisan-made lighting.

cerno decorative lighting

Decorative and Architectural lighting fixtures Made in the USA

Coast Lamp Mfg
Coast Lamp Manufacturing

Coast Lamp Mfg., Inc. established and incorporated in the state of Florida in 1955, relocated in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina in 1975. We are family owned and operated and currently employing our 3rd generation.

Coe Studios
Coe Studios

Our lamps are made from solid bronze, the most functional material for withstanding the rigors of the outdoors. Bronze never rusts—it becomes more beautiful with age as nature paints it with its own unique patina. – Made in the USA

Conant Metal and Light
Conant Metal & Light

Conant Metal & Light provides design, fabrication, restoration, and contract manufacturing services to a wide array of markets. Our retail store, sprawling workshops, and years of practical experience support a team of makers who are still passionately working wonders with metal and light.  – Vermont USA

crucible company
Crucible Company

Our light fixtures are hand made right here in our Atlanta, GA facility.

DEKOR Lighting

Lighting fixtures and more Made in the USA

dunes and duchess
Dunes and Duchess

Furniture and lighting made in the USA

Esque Studio
Esque Studio

Blown glass lights, vases, artistic items, made in the USA

fine art
Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting

Ceiling, lamp, wall, and outdoor lighting. Some Fine Art Lamps products are not American made.

Flame engineering
Flame Engineering

Organic & Chemical Free Weed Control Made in the USA

lighting new york
Framburg Lighting

Framburg handcrafts unique lighting solutions for you indoor and outdoor spaces right here in the U.S.

get back inc
Get Back Inc

Our hope is future generations will appreciate the painstaking craftsmanship that went into these machines and furnishings that faithfully served the tradespeople who literally made America.

Guild nines
Guild Nines

Made in the USA, most materials and parts are sourced no more than a few miles from our shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.