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Bedding and bath products made in America are a popular choice among consumers who prioritize quality, comfort, and ethical manufacturing practices. Brands like Boll & Branch(made in India), Authenticity 50, and Red Land Cotton offer a range of bedding and bath products made from high-quality materials like organic cotton, linen, and bamboo, that are soft, durable, and sustainable. These products are designed to promote good sleep and relaxation, and to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience in the bathroom. By choosing bedding and bath products made in America, consumers can support domestic manufacturing and ensure that they’re using products that meet rigorous safety and quality standards. Additionally, these products often come with eco-friendly certifications and are produced using ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices, making them a more responsible and environmentally friendly choice. Overall, bedding and bath products made in America offer a blend of comfort, quality, and sustainability that many consumers find appealing.

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1888 mills
1888 Mills

1888 Mills is a manufacturer of home and commercial textiles for the retail and hospitality & healthcare markets. Made in the USA
Available at Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, KOLH’s, Dollar General and more.

american blanket company
American Blanket Co.

At American Blanket Company we launched with a goal of making as many products as possible in America. With a small group of committed artists and craftspeople in our shop in Fall River, Massachusetts we make the finest home textile products available anywhere.

american blossom linens
American Blossom Linens

Our family puts extensive effort into perfecting these elements to make the best sheet Made in the USA of 100% USA components and 100% USA Organic Cotton.

american giant
American Giant

When you choose American Giant, you’re taking a stand for hard-working people, for local communities, for quality clothes made to last, for a new kind of conscious consumerism, for small changes that add up to something big.

American Mattress Company
American Mattress Company

Made in America – all of our products are 100% made in the USA!

american towels
American Towels

All Towels are Grown and Sewn in the USA

Aslan Mattress
Aslan Mattress

America’s 1st USA made mattress with a 365 Night Risk Free Trial

Authenticity 50

If you want crisp, cotton bed sheets, comfy pillows that help neck pain, blankets and towels that are buttery soft to the touch – then you’re at the right place. We work with over 1,000 experts in this country to make the best products 100% Seed-to-Stitch® in the USA.


Baggu products are made in the United States, specifically in California and New York. The brand is committed to responsible and sustainable manufacturing, and produces many of their bags using eco-friendly materials such as recycled nylon and organic cotton.


Bamboosa is a USA Manufacturer blend with bamboo and cotton fabric eco-friendly. The Washable bamboo mask, neck gaiter, bandana. The men boxer, women sleep shirt, buckwheat hull, bamboo socks, baby onesie, cuddlesac, washcloth, crib sheet blanket. The quality of our products is unrivaled by products manufacture other than ours. The products are sold on the

barely gentle llc
Barely Gentle

We offer fine products such as: Cold Processed Soap, Lotion Bars,, Body Powder, Roll on Perfume, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Milk, Jewelweed Spray, Shower Gel, Goat Milk Lotion, and Shaving Sets. Made in the USA

bauer pottery
Bauer Pottery

Pottery Handmade in California

bella vado
Bella Vado

Avocado oils products grown and made in California, USA


Face and body care products, globally sourced, made in the USA

Birdwell Beach Britches

Birdwell Beach Britches was born in Newport Beach, California. Building on the pillars of enduring quality and timeless style, we’ve been hand-making Board Shorts in the USA since 1961. Made in California, USA

blind barber
Blind Barber

Hair care products, We work hand-in-hand with chemistry labs in the United States (New Jersey and California) to create specific formulas aimed at keeping you handsome.

boca walk-in-tubs
Boca Walk-In Tubs

Walk-In Tubs Made in the USA

Boll & Branch
Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch is a bedding and bath brand that is based in the USA and all of their products are made in India. but NOT CHINA